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    BY K P PASWAN Years ago a very handsome Jewish youth described Iran, than ruled by Ayatollah Ali Khamenie as the Messianic cult,   the youth was destined to become the prime minister of the Jewish state, but his concept of Messianic apocalyptic cult is proving wrong . The existence of Israel has been recognized by   many Muslims majority states including states, which participated in the war of 1956/57 against Israel. Iran is not in a position to play the role of Messianic apocalyptic cult. It is so because Iran itself fears its own annihilation,  not by Israel, but by a group of Islamic nations.   NUCLEAR POWER .   Iran is on the threshold of becoming a nuclear power. Pakistan as a nuclear power is posing threat to more powerful India. But Iran’s nuclear arsenal means, threat to weaker Islamic states and the mighty USA. There is another joker on this planet who is obsessed with the idea of annihilating the mightiest power on the earth and   his name happened to be Kim Jon


BY K P PASWAN After swearing of Joe Biden as the new president of the mightiest nation of the earth, there was growing demand for Trump’s blood. Trump's opponents still, do not consider Coronavirus as a major threat  to the USA. but thought banning Trump for contesting presidential in 2024 more important. Constitutional obligations did not warrant such steps,as impeachment has been rejected.Further punishment if any, is unlikely to stand in a court of law.    Whether the presidential election was rigged or not, but the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump lost the election. Than who advised Trump, that the election was stolen by the Democrats? Certainly neither the Pentagon nor the department of justice. There was an attempt by Nancy Pelosi and her supporters to involve the Texas Senator Rafael Eduard Cruz and Senator Hawley for inciting the crowd to attack the Congress, on the morning of 6 th Jan, while a few Senators of Democratic party including   Bernie Sander  accused Do


   Religion Based Terrorism. By K P PASWAN Credit goes to FBI for coining these two terms, before defeating ISIS. Defeated but not out and still active as this ISIS is a philosophy espoused by a handful of religious lunatics and encouraged by autocrats of Middle East. Lone wolf denotes a terrorist acting on  his own aided by his friends or family members, while Grey area includes whole of Europe America and a few other countries excluding India. Recent spurt in terrorists activities is universally attributed to radicalization of Islam, but views differ on this point. The great holocaust which witnessed slaughter of Jews is not religious based terrorism. In 1913 under Ottoman empire, the Armenians who are mostly Christians were systematically killed in large number, but it was declared as Genocide only in 2017, much to the charging to the contemporary Turkish politicians in  power  who are bent upon refuting such allegations. There are certain group of people appearing on TV debate and


\ By K P PASWAN Napoleon  once roared "I am the revolution " but he destroyed revolution, next he denounced Great Britain as a nation of shop keepers. But the nation of shopkeepers colonized more than half of this planet and it was proudly declared,at the time of the coronation of the present Queen of Great Britain, that Sun never sets in the English power. In the first decade of 21st century, the same Great Britain became fifth economic power of the world.    Now enters USA, a country of legal or illegal immigrants from all over the world.  Smugglers,  hardened criminals, drugs traffickers and money launderers from neighboring countries self smuggled to USA in search of better life.   CHINA. China has never been declared a nation of opium eaters , even though Opium war was fought in China, but now this country is a formidable rival of USA in  economic affairs. China is  ruled by a nasty   overambitious  politician Xi Jinping who  is devoting most of his political energy t


By K P Paswan. We are on the verge of winning the battle against the brutal Coronavirus which appeared from nowhere in the month of Dec2019, but at what cost? During this period entire human race was under the grip of fear psychosis. We witnessed our beloved ones die in a worst possible manner. We also witnessed President  of the most  mightiest nation of our solar system standing helpless before the brutal virus. The worst is over but who knows the psychopath  emerging in another form, but we are ready to give the devil a hostile welcome.Human race is ready to stay one step ahead of this man made virus.  Corona virus named as Covid 19 is perhaps the greatest threat to human race.There is no example in history of the world,sudden emergence of lethal virus engulfing the entire world within short period. Here we are concerned with Covid 19,the origin of which is shrouded in mystery. China is being blamed for exporting this lethal virus to cover the entire world. Politicians and virologi