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BY K P PASWAN. US called Russia an enemy, who needs to be contained. Biden called  Putin a killer, but changed his words in Geneva, he called Putin, a worthy adversary. So just concluded meeting between two powerful men on this earth, point to a new era of cooperation between two super powers. Both Joe Biden of US and Vladimir Putin of Russia, represent different nations with different political ideology. Joe Biden has democratic ideas in his DNA, but is handicapped by the astronomical rise of China, which is neither a democratic country nor open to liberal democratic institutions. Russia, on the other hand heralded the era of semi democratic  ideology, in the hope that its success  in modern Russia would result in a happy and prosperous country. Before evaluation of Vladimir Putin, we have to examine the political and economic  conditions of both US and Russia.  In the decade of 1960, Russia, formerly known as USSR, challenged US in every sphere like space, nuclear technology and mi


  By K P PASWAN. President Biden of US was quick enough to congratulate Nastali Bennett, as the new PM of Israel, Mr Bennett happens to be one of the richest men of ISRAEL, and is rightly called Donald Trump of Israel. But his position as PM is unpredictable, as he does not enjoy comfortable majority in the Knesset. Biden did not speak to Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest serving PM, for the last one month and was, perhaps afraid of every step taken by Netanyahu against Palestine. Netanyahu has been accused of accepting bribes and is likely to be convicted. He is reported to have second view about himself and may accept his offence to avoid spending sometimes in prison. He will be lost in the crowd.  Years back, Iran was called a Messianic Cult by a handsome Jew. The biblical concept of Messianic cult means wiping off the Jewish state without showing least mercy. It also means, worse than a devil. The handsome and young Jew who called Iran as Messianic Cult, was none other than Benjamin 


By K P PASWAN. National interest used to be a very important subject of international relations.But in the changing  nature of international politics it is difficult to say, What is national interest?   Let us start with super powers. What is the national interest of the mighty US? US has the capacity to disturb the gravity of the solar system.US has saved this world by introducing several medicines to fight life threatening diseases. Technological innovation has widened the scope of globalization. A fter one hundred years, the killer asteroid Bennu is supposed to pass by the side of the earth. Mathematical calculation show that the Bennu will pass without causing damage to our planet, but if something goes wrong, then NASA is preparing to destroy the asteroid before it comes closer to the earth. The same mighty US is in the habit of toppling and destabilizing democratically elected government and patronizing dictators, simply these actions are of national interest. Small coun