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BY K P PASWAN At the out set of this article, it is proper to clarify that Xi jinping is the dictator of China and Hermit does not mean the dictator of North Korea,    but the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India whose very appearance gives the impression that a sage, or hermit is the political head of the biggest democracy of the world.   Chinese dictator has just announced the end of poverty in China, which he calls as Miracle, the economic safety for the poor, however, remains, perilously thin by international standard. This is important as there is no international body to monitor the removal of poverty programmes in China.    Xi Jinping has been declared as president of China till he desires to quit which is not going to happen. Xi Jinping happens to be a politician  who  knows how to manipulate an election not based on universal franchise. HONEST COM MUNIST . Any way president Xi jinping being an honest communist, has removed more than 170 corrupt ministers and has punish


By K P PASWAN Kim Jong U n . There is a tiny country in the Far East, being ruled by a young dictator who is in the habit of firing ballistic missiles and threatening neighbours of total destruction. That dictator is named as Kim Jong UN,  who excels in admiring China and an assertive Russia. This young dictator, is famous for Jumping, Thumping and Bumping.    Kim Jong UN's intransigence has become an increasing problem for China, the only friend of N Korea in the world. To Xi Jinping, the dictator of China , the North Koreans are dangerous robbers under Kim, but are helpless for many reasons. While the young and neurotic dictator KimJjong Un is convinced that Xi Jinping has become a capitalist traitor .    It appears that both the dictators are right and complements each other. Kim Jong Un often disappears and reappears. Rumors were even set afloat that he was dead, due to certain heart disease, but he  reappeared limping, which means he has some serious health problems


BY K P PASWAN. TRUE STORY This is a true story of a qualified technocrat who by his own admission was overambitious which led to depression and panic attack but managed to recover and is leading a normal life. In his own words, I am an Electrical Engineer, educated in a reputed Engineering College. My dream was to join a service for Engineers, for which there used to be a competitive examination . In the first attempt I failed, so I pinned my hopes on the second attempt, but once again, I failed. Only one attempt was left, and I pondered over the reasons of my failure. Every candidate was given only three chances to clear the examination. For the third and final attempt, I studied hard and after sitting for the competitive examination, I was convinced that I would clear my hurdle but I failed in my final attempt.  VAGUE FEAR I began to notice certain changes in myself, there was sadness and disturbed sleep. Than one day in a stormy night suddenly, I began to weep, it was raining and


BY K P PASWAN Prime Minister of India has questioned the appointment of retire d I.A.S.officials at key positions and has raised the question, whether Fertilizers Cos, can be run by officials belonging to this cadre. The questions is whether these appointments are by compulsion or is necessary? His comments are snippets of a longer discussion . There is an appointment committee headed by the PM who clears these appointment.   Free speech is more robust than ever. Judiciary is proving to be a reliable of free speech There is some evidence that younger officers are less protective of free speech While educated Indians don’t want the government, what they can and cannot say. But we are happy  to accept limitations for the sake of basic civility.    In an American magazine, not available in India, I read an article and found that the magazine conducted a survey and found that only three politicians in power in the world were not corrupt, one Communist,second,  a Buddhist and the third a