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  By K P Paswan. Before WW2, Otto Hahn split up atoms, Open Heimer enriched the Uranium and Edward Taylor manufactured Hydrogen bomb in US. Hitler also tried his best to manufacture Nukes and for this legendary physicist Werner Heisenberg tried to enrich Uranium imported from Belgium. Heisenberg is the scientist who propounded the Uncertainty principles which goes beyond the theory of Relativity and puts question mark on the necessity of a creator of the universe. Einstein was alarmed and did not accept Uncertainty Principles and declared that “I don’t think that GOD plays dice” US came to know the sinister design of Hitler and the secret agency was ordered to eliminate the Nobel Laureate Heisenberg. It is still a mystery why the founder of the Quantum physics failed to achieve the Critical mass while enriching the Uranium which have enabled Hitler to play havoc in the war-torn Europe, the killers found the great scientist but he was not assassinated. US manufactured Nukes. One


  BY K P PASWAN. Caste census has been initiated by a few Indian states and   supported indirectly by the ruling party at the centre. There is sinister design in this type of caste census, After every decade there is general Census which can be used to know the number of castes and the progress made by them. Since Indian politics is caste oriented and the society is divided on the basis of caste so the motive behind the caste census ultimately may prove detrimental to the sovereignty of India India is only country in the world where Apartheid is officially recognized.High Court has stayed the caste census , this certainly good news. The caste census has been initiated by a state named Bihar which is notorious for preaching the virtues of caste system. One former Chief Minister of Bihar is in prison for amassing wealth and he was known as the worst politician favouring a particular caste. This particular caste was identified as the government caste. His successor has pioneered


    By K P PASWAN . India ia witnessing a different kind of agitation by a group of people in Punjab. A large number of Sikhs migrated to US, Canada, UK and Australia. Outside India these people are mostly engaged in different type of business and some of them are supporting separate sovereign nation for the Sikhs. . Most of the Sikhs are Jats who follow the teachings of Guru-Nanak and in the beginning these people were ardent supporters of Hindus and some of the prominent Gurus (Wise men) suffered at the hands of Mughals as they refused to convert themselves to the religion of the Mughals. As a matter of fact it was Ranjit Singh who first founded an empire for the Sikhs in the 18 th century. His kingdom consisted parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan and modern Lahore being the capital of the kingdom of Ranjit Singh. In the history of contemporary period we find fierce battle between Sikhs and Muslims and British but the colonial power succeeded in defeating the adversaries. We don’t