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Myself , K P Paswan, a post graduate in physics. An Indian by birth. I cracked one of the difficult examination in India and joined most glamorous service, but without any power. I married a girl,educated in London, but after six months of marriage, she died in a plane crash over Atlantic. On board a French Air plane, she was coming to live with me in France, when the plane crashed. I vowed never to marry again, quit the service and joined an Economic and Political institution outside India.

 I was a diplomat for a brief period, I write Blogs mostly based on facts, reality and true story,but pragmatism is not sacrificed at the altar of reality.

Pl support me. I write blogs on true events and on subjects of interests with a touch of reality.If you support, it means I am on the right track, if not, you have to agree with me,  that life has to be taken the way it is. Life without tension and tragedy is meaningless. We have to accept it, there is no way out.

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