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  BY K P PASWAN.  Fierce verbal battle is going on in India between Judiciary and the executive ,subject matter being the appointment of Judges. At present Indian Judiciary is under scanner for various reasons. Judges of Apex court are being appointed by a Collegium of judges which is not found in other  democratic countries in the world The system, interestingly was introduced by the Supreme court itself in 1993 when a weak central coalition government was functioning . PM of the contemporary India was responsible for social tension and political instability.  Supreme court introduced Collegium System headed by Chief Justice and assisted by three senior most judges to appoint judges of High Court and Supreme court. Collegium also deals with promotion and transfer of high court judges. BACKGROUND. Before 1993, Indians witnessed some of the brilliant judges occupying the post of judges of supreme court. There was complete independence of Judiciary. In Goloknath case the Apex Court g