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 By K P PASWAN.   In international politics, no body imagined, ever since the end of 2 nd world that balance of power might be disturbed by balance of terror. Well trained army can easily neutralize a dreaded terrorist or group of terrorists, but they cannot eliminate the philosophy and culture of terrorism, which has become an effective tool in the hands of terrorists to achieve their sinister design. They terrorize their opponents without invoking the wrath of super powers. Buddhism as we know, originated in India and spread through peaceful means to China and Far and East. It has started its assertiveness, and we must understand the reasons for  change in attitude.  Islamic radicals, all over the world are regarded as dreaded terrorists, who espouse the cause of terrorism in the name of religion, but not supported by Islamic scholars. Small groups of these terrorists inhabiting non-Muslims countries, get support from the West, and rich Arabian Islamic states who are contributing t

TERROR IN GAZA.(updated)

. BY K P PASWAN. S mart relationship with the West is necessary, if even temporary respite from terror in Gaza is required. Ali Larijani a moderate Shiite, who was a leading presidential candidate in the  presidential election of Iran,made such a wonderful statement in the context of deadly fight between Israel and the Iranian backed Hamas, who occupied large part of Gaza and face eviction.  Unfortunately, he lost the election, but his views are respected, The residents in the besieged city of Gaza are facing continued shelling. They failed to celebrate the Muslims Holiday of Ramadan. US and Russia are supposed to arrive at a reasonable political deal as Iran enjoys the diplomatic support of Vladimir Putin, while US is openly siding with Israel. Glorification of terrorism by Hamas is not acceptable in modern era of complex diplomacy. There are good reasons to suspect the sudden, extraordinarily violent reigniting of the dormant Israel-Palestine conflict was plotted and triggered in Te


  BY K P PASWAN   There are two super powers, fighting for supremacy and above all fighting for dictating the politics of the world.But there is also a former super power Russia, which cannot be overlooked in a bi polar world Bipolar political world is being led by US, Russia and China. There is not even scant scope of cold war, as the deadly nuclear weapons, owned by these three super powers are known to entire world. There is only psychological fear in the mind of all political heads of the contemporary world .   After the end of second world war, US was the only super power, threatening the entire world to toe the politics of US . In the words of the then Secretary of State of US, Faster Dulles, those who did not support US, were enemies of US. USSR under Stalin, was trying its best to challenge the mighty US and achieved parity with US in military strength, but economically USSR was so stagnated, that ultimately led to fall of USSR, creating vacuum, which was filled by China.