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By K P Paswan. The parallel to the story of man-eating lions which in the past created fear psychosis must occurred to everyone. Man-eating lions, in distant past, stopped the rebuilding of Samaria in ancient Europe. If, we take into account the whole body of lion from the days of Assrian kings to the present era of war, it would exceed in tragedy, in savageness or in sheer insolent contempt for human race armed or unarmed white or black, the story of these brainless and fruitless wars fought in the middle east. But there is no evidence that the old inhabitants of Europe, or Assyria ever killed a man-eating lion. They looked to the king or Chief or some champion  to kill these man-eating lions. It was not the sport but the cardinal duty of kings and was in itself a title to be ruler of men. Theses cleared roads of beasts and robbers. Hercules the killer of lion, St George the Dragon slayer and all the rest owed to this their everlasting fame. When somebody called for the slaying of