By K P Paswan.

The parallel to the story of man-eating lions which in the past created fear psychosis must occurred to everyone. Man-eating lions, in distant past, stopped the rebuilding of Samaria in ancient Europe. If, we take into account the whole body of lion from the days of Assrian kings to the present era of war, it would exceed in tragedy, in savageness or in sheer insolent contempt for human race armed or unarmed white or black, the story of these brainless and fruitless wars fought in the middle east. But there is no evidence that the old inhabitants of Europe, or Assyria ever killed a man-eating lion. They looked to the king or Chief or some champion  to kill these man-eating lions. It was not the sport but the cardinal duty of kings and was in itself a title to be ruler of men. Theses cleared roads of beasts and robbers. Hercules the killer of lion, St George the Dragon slayer and all the rest owed to this their everlasting fame. When somebody called for the slaying of Putin, and dislodging of Modi the caller must have realized in no common way that it was not to have a hero and deliverer in the days when human race has become lord of the creation. To what a distance the story of man eating lions carries us back, and how impossible it becomes to account for the survival of human being against this kind of foe.

There are two prominent political figures in this world who are much abused, one by international community while other by his own countrymen.  Putin is being abused by majority of the countries of the world. Call has been issued for his assassination. He is being called a war monger, a psychopath, a devil and what not? If we look over the Cold War era, we know, at the time of Cuban crisis, we escaped devastation. We were really on a hair trigger, and it was only through the responsibility and good sense of President Kennedy of the US and Nikita Khrushchev of USSR and their advisors that we avoided catastrophe. The threat obviously abated at the end of the cold war, but looking a century ahead , we can’t expect  the present  political assignment to stay constant. In the last century Soviet Union appeared and disappeared and there were two World Wars but human race survived and progressed. Human race is exploring the outer space and there is healthy competition to win the race. In the space exploration, there is no question of intense rivalry. So why there is a call for slaying of Putin?

 Modi on the other hand is being called a corrupt, an illiterate, incompetent and above all murderer of democracy. Call has been issued to dethrone Modi by all means. A former Indian diplomat and another a noted lawyer went to Pakistan and sought help to dislodge Modi. The opposition has created a platform I.N.D.I.A, which contains old sinners of all ages, some have spent their good times in jail while others are standing in Q to enter jail with a smile face. Modi is himself an honest politician, nearly three wears back in US, there was a Howdy Modi in which former president of US was present to witness the welcome being given to Modi by Indian diaspora. An obscure US magazine conducted a survey. Question was asked about four honest politicians in the world, names were to be given by participants, there was a Communist head of State, an Hindu Pm, A Buddhist PM and an American Hindu previously a governor of a state. I was one of the participants, a few diplomats also participated. We correctly picked Jinping, the Communist Head of China, Narendra Modi, the Hindu Pm of India, Shinzo Abe, the Buddhist PM of Japan but we lost the quiz when we learned that the American Hindu was Tulsi Gabbard. Any way we were happy to know that an honest politician was holding the post of PM in India. Shinzo Abe has been assassinated and Tulsi Gabbard is silent. Jinping and Narendra Modi are facing each other telling each other, we are sailing in the same boat. But no body has called for the assassination of Narendra Modi. Modi is like any other politician, democratically elected to head a government when a new global order has emerged. There is a need for vibrant, dynamic and   a visionary to lead the country. Such a type of politician needs to be searched as the present generation of politicians whether in opposition or in in the ruling party have outlived their relevance. They cannot think beyond caste, creed and hunger for money, power, and glory. With caste census, apartheid is official in India. A new type of Cold war may emerge in a dangerously polarized society. Every cast will be acting against each other. Marginalized castes like Dalits are likely to be forced to submit to the so-called backward castes as these castes are notorious for committing atrocities against the Dalits. Social unrest and economic disparity are bound to create a killing field in which a few politicians would be there to cheer lead. If Modi is to be replaced by democratic means, he must be replaced by an astute politician and not by a criminal Communal tension is rising everywhere There is one area, India is becoming culturally homogeneous, and we are witnessing the unanticipated decline of secularism. The global economy is multi polar and so too is global politics Under Modi, neither reflects an Initialization of the world. However much the India likes to portray itself as the creator and champion of   civil and political human rights the exclusion of social and economic ones distinguishes it from most other countries in both the developed and developing world. Indian goods, values and practices do not really define other cultures any more, even though they may contribute elements to them.

 FINAL WORDS. Putin and Modi are human beings. Let the slayers realize that life is precious and necessary for   well being of society.


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