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  ( Based on true stories) BY K P PASWAN. A Civil Servant in his early 30s was attending to a money laundering case in which a leading millionaire was accused of cheating the government. It was the month of August in India. There was irregular supply of electricity. Eminent lawyers, having sound knowledge of corporate affairs, were attending the case, and they were trying to browbeat the young Civil Servant by their forceful argument. Senior advocate, representing the businessman, put documents on the table and requested the Civil Servant to go through the documents.   The documents must have weighed more than five kilograms. He talked of violating the fundamental rights of his client and demanded the closure of the case. After he finished his argument, second advocate shouted that the department harassed his respected client so much, that he had fallen sick and had been admitted in a private nursing home . He warned that his client was contemplating filling defamation suit aga

FEW MORE HOURS TO LIVE. Philosophy of Suicide and Suicide Attacks.

   By K P Paswan. Russia leads the nations in suicide rate. But every country in this world is facing growing menace of suicide. In US and China, suicide is very common. In some countries, statistical figures are available while in others, private agencies and electronic media reveal figures. Clinical depression is not the only cause for suicide. Celebrities all over the world are in the habit of taking crystal meth. Unable to bear the decline in popularity in her/his career or no works, they resort to extreme method to end the life. In US and other developed nations, suicide among celebrities, especially connected to film industries, is very common. Experts and psychiatrists have conflicting opinions. Trauma, disturbed childhood, failure in examination,sexual exploitation of young girls and boys and certain kinds of diseases are cited as reasons for suicide. But it is seen that a happy go lucky person, known among his friends as an ideal man, suddenly ends his life. In history sev


By K P PASWAN   We need pollution and pollutants for our survival. We cannot get energy and electricity without coal and petroleum products. Climate change is a different issue, which cannot be solved either by a vaccine or declaration like Tokyo Protocol or Paris Accord . The serious problems of climate change can only be tackled by an enlightened  global approach, which is not going to happen in near or even in distant future.  Every manufacturing units and even articles of daily use, whether big or small are responsible for emission of Carbon Dioxide, Methane gas and other ingredients responsible for hole in Ozone. These industries are necessary for survival, even if it means, inviting disease like Cancer and breathing trouble, for which there is no permanent cure. A teenager like Greta Thunberg is awakening human race for impending doom. But who cares? Every country with an emerging economy. for which an open democracy is of paramount importance.  is always in conflict with


 . By K P Paswan Atrocities and violence against women are happening from time immemorial. But with spread of education and increased employment opportunity. coupled with growing consciousness have no effect on the precarious conditions of women. Even after advent of democratic ideas, we find women are being treated as slaves in many civilized societies of the world. In ancient times, we learned of several kings having hundred of wives and women slaves in the service of kings. In ancient time a king’s victories over other kingdoms, meant enslavement of entire women population. which had social sanctions of these practices. It appears women are borne to suffer and suffer till their last breath. COSTLY DIVORCE. When the entire planet is facing the wrath of Coronavirus, there is practically no impact upon certain billionaires, who divorced their spouses without any reasons, not even domestic violence was quoted as ground for divorces. Divorce is being granted on the basis of mutual