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BY K P PASWAN. India as a sovereign country follows an open democratic system. Parliamentary system is the cardinal principle of an open democracy. India is highly and dangerously polarized society. Even after partition of India on the religious ground communal tension between majority and minority is brewing up and in recent years has taken very dangerous level. The religion that is known as Hinduism is found only in India. Beset with rigid caste system it is surprising that this religion survived against all odds. From the period when the Aryans spread throughout India, every village had a king who was at loggerheads with his neighboring king. With passage of time Event Horizon of these tiny kingdoms also increased and    we see emergence of large empires like Mauryan in North India and the Cholas, Cheras, Pandyas in South India but there was no love lost among these so-called powerful kingdoms. Taking advantage of a fragile society the robbers and religious fanatics from Uzbek