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  BY K P PASWAN. Recently XiJinping the strong man of China claimed that China is the real democratic country of the world. US is fighting for democracy not only in China but also in Russia. This is surprising as US is also shielding cesspits autocracy in various Oil rich Sheikdoms of the middle East and have very good relations with dictator like Recep Erdogan of Turkey. US is open democracy with plenty of freedom in every sphere of life. Guns Culture is an essential ingredient of democracy in US. People’s will is of paramount importance in a democratic set up Than we have parliamentary system seen in Scandinavian countries and in UK and France. In most of the democratic countries of Europe democracy as been identified with people’s participation in the functioning of the government. There is no place for Guns Culture in such a democratic country. India is the largest democratic country in the world. India as a sovereign republic has a history of only 75 years but democracy is flo


  BY K P PASWAN, Secularism is not defined in any constitution of any country of the world. Separating Church or religion from state is taken as Secularism, this concept is widely used and misused . In India, secularism  is the most abused word and surprisingly this word is being misused in India by those politicians and persons who are self-proclaimed intellectuals. Most of educated persons think that secularism means separation of religion from the state. It means state cannot preach and encourage a particular religion. We find in modern world that barring Islamic countries every country preach secularism. In India secularism means a person in political power cannot practice his own religion. These educated persons with neurotic personality are responsible all types pf social and political troubles in India.   In US Jim Matis declared one America and one religion as the aim of political parties without disturbing constitution. In US Church has been separated from the state but


  BY K P PASWAN At present we find three Atheists, inspiring the world by their wonderful arguments against GOD and religion, Richard Dawkins book GOD DELUSION is being smuggled through internet in the Middle East where this book is banned for sale. What an irony, this book is downloaded in Saudi Arabia and a few enthusiasts have been either jailed or convicted to death. Sam Harris is an American Neuro Scientist, a brilliant scholar on Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. But the twine towers attack has turned him against a particular religion and proudly declares that war against terrorism means war against Islam. His book THE END OF FAITH, if translated into Arabic is certain to lead violence and the people would forget the massacre of employees of the French Magazine CHARLE HEBDO. He has been accused of suffering from Islamophobia. By heart he is a Democrat, is in the habit of blasting Donald Trump and calls him a hypocrite. He has authored a book , LETTER TO A CHRISTIAN NATION