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  By K P Paswan.   We hear a lot about political, economic and even social sanctions, being used as lethal weapons against certain nations ruled by belligerents’ autocrats or even democratically elected government. This is the age of globalization; no country is completely self-sufficient. A few countries produce oil and natural gas which is essential for the entire world. US still imports fertilizers from Russia despite of sanctions. A small Qatar is being ruled by an autocrat who thinks himself above the mightiest political figure of this plant and the reason is that Qatar has lot of oil and natural gas. A few countries are known for manufacturing drugs necessary for survival for the human race. These drugs are being sold to all the countries. Previously international trade was being regularized by UNCTADE which has been replaced by the famous or infamous WTO. It is difficult to regularize international trade as the money launderers and smugglers have devised way and means to avo


  By K P Paswan   What is so special of foreign policy of India? Is Narendra Modi different from the PM of UK or the Chancellor of Germany or the PM of Japan. We will try to find a possible answer.   Narendra Modi is neither an angel or devil. He is an elected PM of an open democracy. Indian foreign policy also demonstrates economic development.  Modi  is not the last man standing but certainly he is the last of the Mohican. No political figures in power is above criticism and Modi is not an exception.   Change of guard may shape Indian Foreign Policy. New global order is not understood by politicians in the opposition camp. With Caste Census, apartheid is now official in India. India is the only country in the world which survives on the caste-oriented politics. Modi is a popular political figure and to dislodge him from power, the opposition has formed a platform popularly known as I.N.D, I, A. A closer look at this strange platform with strange name reveal that almost every


  By K P PASWAN. This article is confined to Hindus and their holy scriptures in India with greater emphasis on Hindu festivals. Indian civilization is very ancient and Indian society is highly polarized. Hindu as we know today is the religion of the majority and like Israel Hindus with different names   are the original inhabitants in India and in case of ethnic cleansing in other countries where Hindus have migrated for different purposes, Hindus will have to return to India. There is no way out. Hinduism is a way of life and there is no centralized authority to control and issue guidance for regularization of social customs of Hindus. Like other respected religions no body introduced Hinduism, however certain learned persons devoted their times to understand the nature of universe and the reasons for the presence of universe are given in different scriptures. Their findings are found in Upanishads which have inspired the leading minds of the world irrespective of their religi


BY K P PASWAN.   Israel and Hamas are facing each other. Israel is telling the Hamas ‘’ End of Israel means the death of a civilization and the end of Hamas means death of terror’ ’. Survey finds   that an overwhelming   majority of Israeli Jews and   and a sizeable   majority of Palestinians (Hamas excluded) want their own states. Israel is already a sovereign country and will go to any extent to protect its sovereignty. But as one peace plan   after another   has foundered , the voice   calling   for the two peoples   to live as equal citizens   in one country is   slowly multiplying. Once Golda Mair declared that   there was no such thing as the Palestinian people,   In the light of her statements   there are several political figures who want a primer  on de-legitimizing Israel. But that is virtually impossible. The reasons are blunt. Most of the Islamic nations don’t like Palestinians, they   oppose Israel on the ground of religion   We often hear that WW3 is knocking th