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BY K P PASWAN.   In recent days Refugees and Immigrants have become headlines of every leading newspapers all over the world. There is a wide difference between these two words, but both are creating political problems for every country. Before going into details as adopted by the UNO, we are constrained to say that the problems in the context of present international politics, emerged with the influx of refugees from poor and underdeveloped countries. We are also constrained to say that UNHCR has failed in is duties for which it was created, With the collapse of colonial powers, the problems of refugees were faced by every country, as the states under colonial rule faced partition, on the basis of religion, tribes and even political affiliations Sectarian conflict was another reason for people fleeing from the oppressors and seeking asylum in a different or friendly country. IMMIGRANTS. We find two groups of immigrants, legal and illegal and of recent origin. In war torn Central Asia


  BY K P PASWAN Jimmy carter was a failed president of mighty US, who failed in Iran and in the middle east. But his younger (he is still alive) made humiliating remark,which cannot be quoted. Democrats are generally anti-Semitic and had never been friendly with Israel. Before the outbreak of 1957 war, between Israel and Arab states, the American president assured the Jewish PM, not to worry, Americans are always with you. PM of Israel replied” Your highness by the time Americans come to our rescue, Israel would vanish” And within six days a tiny Israel proved that human race was not unkind towards Jewish state. That was the time when cold war was at its zenith and the would-be Messianic cult, Iran under Shah Reza Pahlavi was very kind to Israel. But internationals relations are unpredictable, like a kite flying in a storm or hurricane. Political landscape in Central Asia has changed in favor of Israel and the Arab spring is frightening Arab states more than a climate change. Ira


                                                                                                                   By K P PASWAN. TRUE STORY   These days a small neighboring country of India has become a major place of tourist attractions for newly wedded celebrities from India.These celebrities enjoyed multiple marriages and are hungry for publicity. As roaring economy swells the rank of rich,  such wedding has become prime occasions for India’s elites to show off their fortunes. This concept of multi marriage has come from Europe and USA where marriage followed by divorce is common.  Any way all those latest wedded couple, who go to this small island country( Maldives) for honey moon are related with Indian cinema. I read with interest in a leading national newspaper, that a recently wedded couple went to this tourist place for honeymoon, the wife called a press conference and announced amidst much fanfare her pregnancy, it was stated in the same news paper that the actor (the wi


BY K P PASWAN .   India is a land of diversity. The diversity was united by the British, when India was under colonial rule. The legendary PM Indira Gandhi was of different opinion. According to her, there was a feeling of oneness in the country from ancient times, when people from south visited holy places in north India. for conducting religious rituals and similarly people from north used to visit south for conducting pilgrimage. The late PM was right as the sense of belonging to one country is prevailing from time immemorial. But that sense of belonging does not mean the emergence of modern united India. We find that from ancient time, India was divided into countless small kingdoms ruled by influential local chiefs. Some of them were master of huge population and called himself as king. These kings always fought for expansion of their kingdom. Some of the kings were highlighted by their victories over their rivals. We also find that these kings, barring exceptions took welfa