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      BY K P PASWAN. Angela Merkel also known as Dorothy Angela Merkel is one of the longest serving Chancellor of Germany. She is all set to relinquish her post after parliamentary election. It is very difficult to make proper assessment of a politician, who headed a country in a post-cold war era. She managed to keep the robust economy of Germany intact, even if it means antagonizing other nations of EU. When Dorothy Angela Merke l became the political chief of a prosperous Germany, there was grand celebration in Poland as her family was originally from Poland, but after heavy influx of refugees from Middle East, she was abused in Poland as her defiant attitude towards refugees convulsed certain countries including Poland. Germany itself became  a hub of religious based terrorism, from which Germany cannot recover even in coming years. Angela Merkel is the daughter of a Pastor who did not make serious attempt to flee from East Germany to West Germany. In East Germany Chri


  By K P PASWAN.   It may sound strange, Afghanistan was going to have its own supreme leader, with extra constitutional authority. The man who was set to become supreme leader in Afghanistan was known as Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada, with authority like issuing directions to the president or PM, how to run the Government, besides medieval version of teaching holy scriptures. But there is breaking news. Akhundzada was killed in Pakistan in a suicide attack long ago, most probably before the complete takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. Akhundzada was not a learned preacher. He was a ruthless killers,   vehemently opposed to women, receiving western education and was in favor of strict dress code for women. Akhundzada never traveled abroad and was happy to know that he would be new supreme religious leader of an impoverished Afghanistan. We do not have much knowledge about Akhundzada. It appears he was the product of Afghan Madrassa which imparts Talib (Education) as taught


  By K P PASWAN. Coalition politics, not only in India but through out the world is becoming foundation stone of an open democracy. In India, coalition politics began to emerge,when Indira Gandhi was the PM of the country. Diversity in religion may be one of the factors, but not the only factor for coalition politics.   There was no talk of coalition politics when the legendary Jawahar Lal Nehru, was chosen and elected to become the first PM of free India.   During the period of Jawaharlal Nehru, Congress Party of India was able to win general elections in every state of India, except in Kerala, but in other states Congress party maintained absolute or working majority in state legislature and formed the government as per wishes of senior leaders of the party .   With spread of education and introduction of democratic ideas in social life, illiterate and educated persons were sailing in the same boat. There was also marked improvement of economic life of the people. The concept

RELIGION IN 20th and 21th CENTURY,

BY K P PASWAN. Religion, especially the Christianity, in 20 th century played not only in expansion and consolidation of the colonial power, but also of spread of education and provided good health care to people, irrespective of men and women. The Islam which spread by different methods, played vital role in the middle east. Once a powerful and aggressive religion, some Islamic nations in the name of religion, willingly participated in dirty politics played by a few developed non-Muslims countries and created everlasting political and economic problems in certain areas of the world. There are two religions, which influenced contemporary international politics in the last century, in different ways. With declining of Ottoman empire, Islam ceased to be a religion of colonial power, but was eager to preach its tenets in every part of the world, which was not possible without the preachers being educated in a religious school known as Madrasa. In Christian educational institutions,