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  BY K P PASWAN.  True Story   It was in the month of August of this in Texas. At that time there were claims and counter claims about sighting of Aliens. My mentors in US are two leading Nobel Laureates in physics. Both are white and devout Quaker and like Heisenberg and Oppenheimer both are well conversant in Upanishads and the holy GEETA of the Hindus. They are not my teachers but mentors . I was asked to draft an assay, denying the existence of Aliens within the meaning of Special theory of Relativity. I prepared a draft, it was a happy moment for me as I am also dead against the theory of Alien. A white American   teacher of Psychology and an enthusiastic of UFO read my draft and left the chamber. After exactly five days he came to meet me and placed three sheets of papers and asked me why I was hiding the facts that Aliens were regular visitors in a particular state in India. I was surprised and read the papers given by my American friend. In one of the sheets (QUORA) one gen


  BY K P PASWAN. It was Munich Olympic, the most bloodiest Olympic games in its history, Three Securities Agencies, CIA, Scotland and German Security Services utterly and miserably failed to predict that terrorists belonging to Al Fateh were going to massacre Sports men from Israel in a gruesome manner, It was a horrendous killing and no country came to rescue to the innocent sports person. The year was 1972 the heavy chain smoking PM , Golda Mair was unnerved. She had just lost not the fighting soldiers but some players. She called a meeting of MOSSAD and in a cool and calculated manner asked them to find every terrorist in any corner of this planet and terminate in the same manner in which innocent players were butchered. Entire world waited   for the outcome of Golda Mair’s wrath and what than followed frightened entire Middle East and even the political heads were not certain of their lives. The MOSSAD located every terrorist and destroyed him   in the manner never anticipa