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    By K P PASWAN. These days US is sanctioning many states on the basis of violation of human rights. India has been warned against violations of human rights. India unlike many neighboring countries is highly and dangerously polarized society. In 1947 India was divided on the basis of religion and a separate state for Muslim was formed but the problems of communalism remain in India and there is no end of communal tension in sight. Some of disgruntled politicians in power claim themselves as secular but once he fears losing his position he would not mind taking shelter in a communal party. This is happening in India from the date of its birth.   But there is another type of human rights violation and few intellectuals have given even slight attention to the problems. India is the home of a large number of Dalits who are declared part of Hindu religion. From ancient times these Dalits who are also called Untouchables are facing worst type of apartheid. Thanks to the colonial rul


K P PASWAN Boris Johnson has resigned from the post of PM and either Liz Truss, British Foreign Secretary or Rishi Sunak, former Treasury Secretary is likely to replace Johnson. Modern UK is no longer a major military power. Commonwealth of Nations which once glorified Great Britain as great colonial power has lost its relevance. Except parliamentary democracy and a popular monarchy, UK does not inspire world politics. Post Brexit Britain is facing the heat of Islamic radicalism and some of the most dreaded terrorists were brought up in UK. Ukraine crisis has left UK in wilderness as it happened to be a trusted friend of US but not respected by major powers of Europe like France and Germany. UK is a member of NATO but this organization has lost its strategic importance. There is a changing dynamic between France and Russia. So, UK has modified its politics as per changed international relations. UK continues to represent US interest in European politics. By diplomacy UK is trying