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By K P Paswan.   Here is a small state in the North West region of India which has been virtually abandoned by the PM Narendra Modi. It is a state being governed by bribery and nepotism, practices failing to deliver basic human services, Religion wise. there are two group of people Hinduism and Christianity. Meitei who subscribe Hinduism.   Manipur politics produced a gall that rose like the stench     of the garbage that has accumulated on the capital IMPHAL street because officials cannot figure out where to put it. Indian constitution which guarantees government position all religions was intended to balance the interests and needs of a diverse cosmopolitan nation. But in reality, it provides semi-permanent employment for self-dealing elites in political parties that look after themselves, rather than greater good.   The misrule had sent the state ‘s economy into free fall, and half the residents in Imphal lived in poverty. After Meitei, Kukis are the largest minority group. Miz