By K P Paswan.

 Here is a small state in the North West region of India which has been virtually abandoned by the PM Narendra Modi. It is a state being governed by bribery and nepotism, practices failing to deliver basic human services, Religion wise. there are two group of people Hinduism and Christianity. Meitei who subscribe Hinduism.  Manipur politics produced a gall that rose like the stench   of the garbage that has accumulated on the capital IMPHAL street because officials cannot figure out where to put it. Indian constitution which guarantees government position all religions was intended to balance the interests and needs of a diverse cosmopolitan nation. But in reality, it provides semi-permanent employment for self-dealing elites in political parties that look after themselves, rather than greater good.  The misrule had sent the state ‘s economy into free fall, and half the residents in Imphal lived in poverty. After Meitei, Kukis are the largest minority group. Mizoram is a Kuki dominated state and except Mizoram Kukis are not welcomed in Nagaland and Meghalya. Kukis in Manipur are illegal migrants of Myanmar, driven away by the aggressive Buddhists.  Mrs. Ang Sui the Nobel in peace was educated in a prestigious college of New Delhi and speaks flawless Hindi. The million-dollar question, why the military rulers of Myanmar are also dead against the Kukis. It is so because they are highly expert in poppy cultivation. It was the first PM of India who tried to become an Iconoclast but became a source for all the evils of the North West. Kukis enjoy the status of Scheduled Tribes and occupy most of the cultivatable land. Top political figures who enjoyed the patronage of Congress  have switched over to the ruling party at the center

HELPLESS BUREAUCRACY.  Officers of Indian Administrative service are posted in these states. A true and interesting incident is narrated. A few I.A.S officers were victims of extortions in these Kukis dominated areas. Three of them resigned and once again appeared in the civil services. One of them became an IPS and is posted in Hindi belt while two others joined private firms. As recently as in 2022 one of the IAS officers shouted at the top of his voice in the capital of a state at “I must have murdered several Dalits in my previous life, that’s why I got this bloody cadre’’.  Who is responsible for this lamentable state of affairs? Unless drastic measures are taken by the central authority nothing can be done. Indira Gandhi bombed a particular state she should have bomb the place to the stone age. Nothing has changed and nothing is going to change,

 Since the Meitei Hindus  are at the receiving end, they also demanded the status of ST and that was guaranteed by the judiciary and this infuriated the illegal migrants who were helped by Mizoram. Mizoram is a small state but launched a war against India for a separate sovereign state and the boldest PM of India Indira Gandhi bombed Mizoram. In my view it should have been bombed to stone age. Later on, Mizos realized the consequences of demanding a sovereign state and unwillingly accepted the Indian constitution but Mizos are being guided by foreign missionaries and non Mizos are looked down as strangers. Kukis were driven by the govt of Myanmar. While they infiltrated into Manipur, several facilities like the status of St to the Kukis were already available.

 Now enter the Golden Triangle a term used most probably by the British it is a group of countries comprising Myanmar and Thailand and which are infamous for poppy cultivation. The famous Opium war in China must be seen in the context of flourishing of Opium trade in Myanmar. But with introductions of the concept of a welfare state along with democratic principles, the Golden Triangle lost its value but the failure of industrialization of Myanmar. Thailand and surrounding countries resulted in unemployment on a large scale. In Thailand tourism assumed the status of an industry but in Myanmar rice, oil and natural gas continued to be the source of income Myanmar is rich in oil and natural gas but the industries are being controlled by foreigners especially the Americans for whom all methods are necessary if you make profit in a big way

There are certain countries in Latin America and Asia infamous for harvesting narcotics. Political structures of entire Latin America centered around certain Drug Cartel notorious for drug trafficking and gang wars. Some of the narcotics are less potent and less profitable but narcotics grown in Afghanistan and Myanmar is highly profitable and much in demand. Some of the influential politicians are involved in harvesting Cocaine.

 Mexico, the neighbor of US is famous for Drug Cartels and former president of Mexico is accused of receiving bribes from drug lords. There is notorious Golden Crescent comprising Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. Drug addicts and drug trafficking are common in these coiuntries and attempts to end this triangle has ended in failure. It is so because that drug lords enjoy political patronage, in Afghanistan, drug lords decide the political structures of the country. Narcotics grown in Afghanistan are exported illegally throughout the world.

PM of India Mr Modi is maintaining studied silence over Manipur, he has no option but to remain silent. If Modi is replaced by another politician, there will be nothing for him but follow the policy of Modi. The kukis in Manipur are not welcomed except in Mizoram which still dream a separate and sovereign state, Foreign missionaries are very active and with active help from certain political leaders, the Mizos are keeping their agitation alive. If the Meitei are recognized as Scheduled Tribe than it will be blow to the illegal migrants from neighboring countries. Meitei will have equal rights and the poppy cultivation will not be monopolized by the kukis. Some of the influential Meitei are also engaged in cultivation of poppy and they will not share the booty with others. Solutions at this stage is not possible.  India has porous border with Myanmar’s Ang Sui, the popular leader of Myanmar wanted to become a deity of the Buddhist country, instead she is not welcomed by her own people.   Myanmar is  a country where drug trafficking was never dealt with iron hand. The Kukis are in a better position to revive the poppy harvesting in Manipur as per their wish. Both the grand old party and the political party at the Centre are in some way or other are linked with the Kukis. Unless Indian soldiers penetrate deep into Myanmar and destroy the strongholds of Kukis, Revival of golden triangle remain a  possibility. PM Modi cannot do any thing neither the opposition parties who are more opportunists than patriots

FINAL THOUGHT. Bilateral and if necessary trilateral talks consisting of India, China and Myanmar is required to address the situation. China is also supplying weapons to anti nationals to foment troubles in the North East. Oppositions are shedding crocodiles’ tears for certain imaginary atrocities committed by Meities and Kukis against each other. Rapes and killing of rivals are common all over the world if the war is for drug cultivation.  After successful revival of Golden Crescent in Afghanistan, the arrival of Golden Triangle may be slowed but cannot be totally stopped,


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