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 BY K P PASWAN Some of the tribes have disappeared from the world while a large number of them have joined the mainstream and are holding important positions in politics and civil administration. Disappearance of tribal may be attributed to encroachment of their territories by modern man. But there are still some tribes in some parts of the world who  preferred to live away from educated and modern society. These tribes are often subject to atrocities and are unable to merge with mainstream. Several research papers and books written by famous writers are available in open markets. From these books we learn various things like their origin life styles, means of communications. Research is still going on to find something more important, like reasons for their alienation from mainstream..     No particular topic can be picked up for the study of various aspects of Tribal. It is so because Tribal living in Latin America have different culture, means of communication and food habits.


  . By K P Paswan. Present American political system is a mixture of extreme form of liberalism and and opposition of the same by the opponents, Despite of best vaccines available in US more than one million Americans have lost their lives and President is helpless as he cannot enforce even mask mandate by an executive order because of  judiciary 's interference. India is following the principles of open democracy. US has a different system of democracy in which sovereignty lie with common Americans, There is Gun Cultures in US which are going to stay and executive order to limit damage is not going to work unless both Republicans and Democrats sit together and amend the constitution. Indian political system is based upon parliamentary of government. Here sovereigntyalso lie with people and the parliament cannot amend basic structures of the constitution. Like US. Parliament, Judiciary and the Executive are pillars of strong democratic principles but open democracy as seen in