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  By K P PASWAN. Vietnam war was started by J. F Kennedy, the president of US to counter the USSR under Nikita Khrushchev and China, under Mao Zedong. The war resulted in heavy causalities and there was mass agitation in US, against a war being fought with a poor country. When China adopted Communism, George S,Trueman,the war time president of USA did not launch war against China, and instead maintained friendship with a ruthless Stalin, the strongman of USSR, and this friendship was not appreciated by   Great Britain. Cold war was brewing, affecting the entire world. USSR achieved spectacular parity with US in military power. Mutual mistrust between super powers led to cold war which was being fought diplomatically and by spreading conflicting capacity of nuclear strength of two super power. Vietnam war veterans in US are given extraordinary importance. A few Congress members and even Senators fought in Vietnam. But the deadly war in Vietnam failed to ravage the nation as there


  BY K P PASWAN. President Joe Biden has called Russian president a Killer, because he is in the habit of eliminating his opponents by poisoning them. It was alleged that Alex Navalny, a dissident of Putin was poisoned by him, but Navalny was saved by timely treatment in Germany. Alexei Navalny is serving a three years sentence in a Russian prison. Nearly one decodes ago Putin was accused of poisoning a Russian defector, living in exile in UK, in this case, Putin’s dissident lost his life.   NO MORE SUPER POWER . Now coming to Putin and his beloved Russia, we bear into mind that Russia is not a superpower, it lost the credential to Xi JINPING. Truth is that Russia is not even a regional power . While the world is reeling under over population, Russia is facing decline in population, due to some biological reasons, for which there is no explanation. When Russia, once known as USSR was at its zenith of military power, Putin was a hard-core KGB agent in East Germany and his d


  BY K P PASWAN. There was neither rise nor fall of USSR. In fact, it is the rise and fall of Communist ideology, and the USSR became worst victim of this ideology. Russia is a country with rich past and very rich in  natural resources. Russia was under monarchy for a long time. The monarchy also known as CZAR was responsible for the expansion of the empire. Czars were ruthless, while subjugating the vanquished, but they were also interested in general welfare of the people. The CZARINA like Catherine the Great, was not only an expansionist, but she cared for the people. It was only at the end of 19 th century that Czar dynasty was taken over by Romanov, who indulged in lavish style and the Czarina was rumored to have developed intimate relations with a soothsayer named Rasputin.   Romanov dynasty was also known as the last Czar of Russia. Romanov was  cruel monarch with few or no friends, inside and outside of the than Soviet Union. Under Romanov, Soviet Union was facing grav