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  By K P Paswan. The Global economy is multipolar and so too is global politics. The US confronts a new economic power as well as new political ideologies. So, what is the role of the US in new political order? There are two economically weak nations with Nukes and these two countries namely Pakistan and N Korea have greatly contributed to the growth of multipolar world. Pakistan, virtually on the brink of bankruptcy glorifies, religious based terrorism and N Korea is behaving like a Super Power while common people suffer from starvation. Iran Why Iran cannot have nukes if a bankrupt Pakistan can? American diplomats ably exploit such doubts Any country should have the right to obtain nuclear technology or even nuclear arms for deterrence, especially if is being threatened by another nuclear technology But we witness that the US still excels in the multipolar world even if its political and economic position has diminished. The US pioneered the brave new world of information technolog


  By K P Paswan.   Iran regularly hurls rocket to Pakistan, but this time Iran sent missiles inside Pakistan destroying a terror out fit and killing a few civilians. But Pakistan does not give real causality.   Pakistan thought that it was  humiliation and retaliated by missiles inside Iran killing at least nine people. So what is common and uncommon. Both are Islamic nations but with different religious ideology. Pakistan is a self-proclaimed theocratic state and the Sunnis Muslims are in majority. Economically Pakistan is an undeclared bankrupt country, searching for a money lender to borrow more and more money. Iran on the other hand is super rich and a country wherein the Shias are in majority. Pakistan is not an oil producing country but Iran is perhaps is a country with the largest deposit of oil and natural gas.   Both Iran and Pakistan glorify terror but there is difference. Iran has no poisonous Wahhabi religious ideology to export; this country is funding terror group