By K P Paswan.

The Global economy is multipolar and so too is global politics. The US confronts a new economic power as well as new political ideologies. So, what is the role of the US in new political order? There are two economically weak nations with Nukes and these two countries namely Pakistan and N Korea have greatly contributed to the growth of multipolar world. Pakistan, virtually on the brink of bankruptcy glorifies, religious based terrorism and N Korea is behaving like a Super Power while common people suffer from starvation. Iran Why Iran cannot have nukes if a bankrupt Pakistan can? American diplomats ably exploit such doubts Any country should have the right to obtain nuclear technology or even nuclear arms for deterrence, especially if is being threatened by another nuclear technology But we witness that the US still excels in the multipolar world even if its political and economic position has diminished. The US pioneered the brave new world of information technology is a Mac or an I Phone designed in the US, but manufactured in China, using materials and parts drawn from many places, an American product?

Advanced industrial countries are obsessed with phenomenon of decline. Both the US and Europe recurrently justify the necessity of political and institutional innovations and activism The US politicians always present themselves as  a response to the threat of decline. The reality of decline is however the official published view of the US intelligence community. The 2008 national intelligence community report, entitled GLOBAL TREND2025, made this prediction: The US will remain the single most powerful country but will be less dominant. Its 2012 successor, GLOBAL TREND2030 was more modest about American prospective: ‘’ No country whether US, China or any other country will be a hegemonic power. The empowerment of individuals and diffusion of power among states and from states to informal networks will have a dramatic impact, largely reversing the historic rise of the West since 1750’’. Both reports focuses on the growth of powerful and international active  non state actors like businesses, tribes, religious organizations and  criminal networks.

Modern China as an Economic power is the product of golden handshake between Richard Nixon and Mao in Feb 1972. Mao received Nixon and Henry Kissinger, and after meeting, Richard Nixon declared that the world changed, Kissinger hated the economic prosperity and loved China so much so that Kissinger is like a God. Japan started declining and had to vacate its position as the largest economy in favor of China, Henry Kissinger, the author of D├ętente was a brilliant strategist but not a brilliant diplomat. Kissinger was not a match of Ellsworth bunker. But Kissinger was more successful than any other American diplomats as he gained prominence when the cold war was at its zenith.

China as an economic power has failed to disturb the balance of power, which is still in favor of the US. The Americans MNCs dominate the Chinese markets. We often hear Trade war between the US and the China, trade war is not a new concept in international trade. India has imposed Antidumping duties upon certain imports by China to India, the idea is to deter China from sending unwanted cheap goods to India. The US has restricted imports of Chinese stuffs which are not needed in the US. In fact Chinese consumer goods have flooded markets of every country of the world. The credit for this goes to Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger ,who hated the economic growth of Japan and were determined to replace Japan with China.

Religion has become ever more popular and politically and culturally influential around the globe The resurgence of religion means the recreation of differences among countries but unfortunately it promotes conflicts more than the hoped for mutual understanding It also means decline of secularism. In a way the US has become one actor among many on a crowded and increasingly violent global stage. It has promoted globalization.Post- Ukraine war gave rise to a new political order in which there are number contries are trying to aquire nukes which pose serious threats to the world, It is no secret that Pakistan not only glorify terror but also export its brand of terrors to different region like India. Likewise Korea regularly  launch missiles, threatening Japan and S Korea. These two countries are rogue nations and a threat to peace. Than we have South Africa, trying to become international policeman. This country has ordered the arrest of Putin and has dragged Israel to international court to face the charges of genocide, S Africa is widely known as a nation of corruption and a large number cases of HIV are found in South Africa. Such countries cannot be allowed to become the living manifestation of destiny, target being the entire human race,

Pakistan. Once closed allies Afghnistan is at logger is facing bankruptcy and patronizing terrorism. Pakistan cannot be bailed out of its recession for a variety of reasons. Organization of Muslims countries are unable to help financially as Pakistan cannot fulfill the conditions for receiving loan. Pakistan has to amend its political and economic structures to secure IMF package. So far Pakistan has sa far promised to introduce reforms but this nation cannot be trusted because of Chinese interference. China and Pakistan are closely bound by certain conditions for the development of Gwadar as port for easy transportation of oil and gas from Iran. Unfortunately there is no love lost between Iran and Pakistan as is seen recently missiles by both sides

 Under such confusions the US still commands respects. Pakistan has been an ally of the US for a long time. The US is in a position to bail out Pakistan, but Pakistan has to change its old political ideology ased upon religious strictures. Afghanistan and Pakistan are at logger heads with each other. Pakistan to some extent is responsible for the belligerence of Taliban,

CONCLUSION. There is no doubt that in the multipolar system , the US has a different role to play, it is a role quite different from the role played before the Ukraine crisis.It is also noticed that the US is trying to adjust as per new global order. This is a much appreciatable stand.



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