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 BY K P PASWAN   In contemporary world young entrepreneurs mean highly qualified professionals educated in reputed financial and technological institutes with sufficient resources to start new big or small manufacturing activities.. Most of them are picked up by reputed MNCs which have branches in different countries. But these MNCs don’t go to countries plagued by internal conflicts and political instability. Even after disappearance of colonial powers, most of the countries once ruled by foreign powers suffer from abject poverty, malnutrition and lack of basic health related facilities. In most of the developing countries political environment is badly polluted by corruption and above all sectarian conflicts. Than there is vulgar display of certain fundamental rights like right to protests against the policies of the government even if it means violence and street fighting.   An impartial survey of certain countries shows that favourable  political environment of a country attrac


BY K P PASWAN Relevance of women in contemporary world is much talked about subject. Women have played and are playing excellent role in politics from ancient times. From Cleopatra of Egypt to Catherine the great of Russia both played dubious role in politics of their country but they are still remembered with awe and wonder.   Than we have excellent royal women in Great Britain whose contribution to the growth of parliament system cannot be underestimated. We have to study the relevance of women in modern times, especially after second world war which witnessed the fall of colonialism and growth of western system of democracy, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is ceremonial head of a country known as founder of parliamentary democracy.H M Elizabeth has proved beyond doubt that it would be hard for an elected government to run administration without a ceremonial head as the royalty in Britain is the embodiment of national unity. Leftists in Britain demanded in the past to abolish monarch