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By K P PASWAN India is a land where majority of the people follow Hinduism in different forms and venerate Veda, the holy scripture of Vedic religion. Some of the famous hymns of Veda were composed by learned women like Apala, Ghosha, Lop mudra Kamayani and a few others . But in contemporary India women in every religion are looked down as something like Barbie toy, plays and throw away with full force.  It is now said by priestly class that women and Dalits cannot read holy VEDA but by laws women and Dalits in India can read these holy scriptures.   Gender perspective in Indian politics must be seen in different angle. UK had seen several Queens and women prime minister who contributed to the growth of parliamentary democracy. US has so far not elected any woman as president and there is no hope of any woman occupying White House in near future. If an ageing Joe Bidens retires from active politics than the most dangerous woman of the contemporary world has chance to sit in the


  By K P PASWAN. With the advent of electronics media and spread of internet, some of the self-declared intellectuals and power-hungry politicians in India are finding these electronic medias and newspapers as effective medium to spread misinformation regarding imposition of Hindi upon unwilling people of south India.   India is an open democracy and the freedom of speech is being used as a fundamental right by certain groups to defame their opponents. They are spreading false propaganda in connivance with corrupt politicians just to remain in limelight. One of such propaganda is imposition of Hindi language upon unwilling population. They are advocating English as a national language and declaring all the 22languages mentioned in the 6 th schedule of Indian constitution as the official languages. We do not stop here, one of comedians from south India is advocating to declare India as union of Nations. There was a League Of Nation and now we have united Nations Organisation we


BY K P PASWAN Can it be said that socio political conditions of southern India provide favourable condition for Europeans to settled in India ? This blog is exclusively related to this subject. In the past Europeans had trade link with modern Kerala, a Malayalam speaking state of Southern India, Christian missionaries were welcomed by the ruling family and several Churches were established. Later on, with spread of Islam we find Muslims traders from Central Asia arriving in Kerala. Modern Tamilnadu and undivided Andhra attracted Europeans and these foreigners established trading centers preached Christianity, defeated local kings and established foreign rules. Southern States are clouded by Dravidian culture and some scholars claim Dravidian were in touch with the people of Indus but such claims are only of academic interest and common people are least interested in knowing these speculations about their ancestors. There is nothing common in southern states. One state is under