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By K P PASWAN.  Serious politicians always suffer from some forms of acute or chronic diseases. Best health system exists for senior politicians who are in power. Only Coronavirus did not  favor politicians or common voter. These days Comedians are entering into politics but they are behaving more like comedians than politicians,  In India a leading comedian who once was a very good bats man and played many crickets and won applause for his style of batting, suddenly joined a leading political party but failed to become a minister. He became a turncoat and joined a political party which promised him a berth in the cabinet of the most prosperous state of India, he declared himself, indirectly the potential candidate of chief minister and started political campaign by exhibiting his skills as a comedian. Unfortunately his party was routed and he concluded the  election result as the wish of  an unproven almighty.   There is also a famous comedian who is not interested in politics but is