Serious politicians always suffer from some forms of acute or chronic diseases. Best health system exists for senior politicians who are in power. Only Coronavirus did not  favor politicians or common voter. These days Comedians are entering into politics but they are behaving more like comedians than politicians,

 In India a leading comedian who once was a very good bats man and played many crickets and won applause for his style of batting, suddenly joined a leading political party but failed to become a minister. He became a turncoat and joined a political party which promised him a berth in the cabinet of the most prosperous state of India, he declared himself, indirectly the potential candidate of chief minister and started political campaign by exhibiting his skills as a comedian. Unfortunately his party was routed and he concluded the  election result as the wish of  an unproven almighty. 

 There is also a famous comedian who is not interested in politics but is famous for making comments about politics and politicians.

 In international politics, very little is known about Nikita Khrushchev, the powerful leader of USSR. He was a comedian in the court of Stalin and his duty was to create humorous scenes for Stalin. He rose to become the most powerful man of contemporary world. USSR gained extraordinary military strength which frightened even America and predicted USSR might rule the planet, Khrushchev was the first comedian who behaved like an astute and overambitious politicians. In 1962 he tried to browbeat America by deploying deadly missiles and killing machines in a small country like Cuba which under Fidel Castro was  a communist country.

Finding an excuse Khrushchev challenged the supremacy of America and declared that the West would be buried deep in a grave but young president J F Kennedy was not a comedian, he was the most powerful president of a powerful nation. Kennedy forced former comedian to remove all weapons from Cuba. It was the most humiliating retreat for a powerful politician.

 In  1962 China launched Operation Land GRAB  by declaring a low level war with India being headed by a peace loving PM, the legendary Jawaharlal Nehru who believed in policy of Non Alignment. Pt Nehru sought help from Khrushchev He told Pt Nehru " You are my friend but China is my brother". Pt Nehru was both baffled and surprised. He looked  at Kennedy who started warning after warning to China. A ceasefire declared but the friend of  India ,Khrushchev suffered emotionally from which he never recovered. Pt Nehru died in 1964 but the Comedian of USSR also could not survive the wrath of real politicians and Khrushchev was thrown out of power.

Gorbachev, a hardcore Communist realized the difficulty in implementing the Communist ideology and acknowledged the contribution of democratic ideas in the development of a country like USSR. Japan has emerged as second economy and China  with indirect help from US was trying to hijack Japanese technology. Japan has displaced Philips of Netherlands Grundig of Germany and in consumer,er goods.

Gorbachev was followed by Yeltsin who by his own admission did know much about Communist philosophy. He was followed by a brilliant KGB agent named Vladimir Putin who is neither a comedian or an astute politician. He needed western technology for overall development of Russia. Putin imported various technology from Germany, France and other countries and succeeded in improving domestic economics, Sovereignty of Russia was in danger when a former republic Ukraine tried to join NATO.  Those politicians in power in Ukraine who opposed Ukraine's bids to join NATO like  Victor Yanuvovich was forced to resign. Yanukovich was a corrupt politician. Ukraine was the ware house of Russian made nukes reactors and deadly weapons. Export of these weapons  different countries shifted balance of power in favor of opponents of Russia. 

Now we enter Zelensky, the present president of Ukraine. He is a famous as Comedian but, he is still behaving as Comedian He is an ambitious man oppose to Russia and India. NATO was dead and its revival was seen if Ukraine joins NATO. US was in a position to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine to frighten Russia. But NATO is dead and in absence of support rendered by all members US was unable to send troops in Ukraine. Advancing Russians have practically taken back all the deadly weapons and is awaiting the response of the Comedian who is hiding somewhere in Poland.

FINAL THOUGHT. Complex diplomacy needs final words from experienced politicians. Last words of complex diplomacy have not yet been spoken. If Putin is Devil than the world wants to know who is the Angel?


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