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BY K P PASWAN. Parliament in any democratic country plays an important role in shaping the laws, which are beneficial to majority of people. In a free democracy every citizen, irrespective of caste,  creed and religion  enjoy universal voting rights, and member of parliament are elected by common people, accountable to common people. Parliament has its origin in Britain, from which it spreader to other parts of the world. When President James Monroe of America defined Democracy, as by the people, for the people and of the people, he had in his mind the British system of parliamentary democracy. At that time parliament in Great Britain was in different form, but the members had greater say in running the administration. Perhaps it was United States of America, which introduced an effective system of electing representatives to the Congress. American constitution is not a lengthy book. Constitution is enshrined in a few pages. United Kingdom does not have a written constitution and


BY K P PASWAN.   Meeting between Joe Biden, and Vladimir Putin in Genoa, set the stage for their most passionate argument relating to cyber-attack. Within fifteen days of summit, the world witnessed political drama which may be called as show of strength. CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.   “Sinking of British Royal Destroyer will not lead to third world war, so call back your destroyer." Putin warned to Britain, after Britain send the Royal destroyer in the Black Sea, most probably instructed by Pentagon, to express solidarity with Ukraine, which is desperate to join NATO, but opposed by Russia, as it fears surrounding Russia with hostile countries with nuclear arsenals. Interestingly, no EU member supports the entry of Ukraine either in EU or NATO for fear of economic considerations. This incident happened after few days of meeting between Biden and Putin in Genoa. Second world war was fought, when colonialism was breathing heavily. Hitler was bent upon destroying the Jews


 . BY K P PASWAN With a new man in the Oval Office, international politics has entered into an era of neurotic polarization and a period of uncertainty. It is virtually impossible, even for a seasoned diplomat, to predict events to come. Recent example is meeting of seven rich countries in a city of UK, where Coronavirus of Delta plus variant is rampant. These groups also consisted of two nations, which are not only economically sick but don’t carry much weight in international politics, these countries are UK and Italy, UK has become curable sick man of Europe, while Italy does not know how to prevent impeding economic doom, after it suffered heavy causalities during the first wave of coronavirus.   Then there were representatives from EU, whose one-point agenda was to admire Germany and condemn China and Russia. Only France may be regarded as a politically sensitive country, knowing how to behave in a bi polar politics. It is also not known, on what basis Canada was invite