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  By K P Paswan. It is difficult to assess the political situation in India.Recently concluded elections in six states does not indicate the possible scenario after general election in 2024. There is new alignment of regional parties, this time initiated by a popular politician from South India. But the real object of every and each political party is Remove Narendra Modi, but why? And the answer is that Modi has sold India but they don’t tell the name of purchaser and the nature of sell and purchase. We have a particular Chief Minister of a union territory whose magic formula for winning the election is “You give your votes and we will give you free electricity and water”. On the basis this slogan he won the election in Punjab where farmers and businessmen are very rich and young generations are drug addict. There is no plan to remove drug addiction and corruption from Punjab which is also suffering from worst kind of drug addiction. Generating electricity require massive in

Advantages of women in Indian politics.

By K P PASWAN. Women in Indian politics always played active and impressive roles. Indian political system started with the formation of Congress Party in the last decade of 19 th century. At that time India was under colonial rule. There was lack of education among women. Except large cities like Kolkata and Mumbai there was no facility of education for women. Foreign missionaries played important role in spreading education among women. When movement for an independent India started by Mahatma Gandhi and a few prominent leaders like Tilak and Gokhale we do not find mention of any leading women as political leader and freedom fighter. ADVANTAGE. Having women politicians in power is good for society. It means empowerment of women, encouraging women to have education. Atrocities against women is supposed to come down, but this is not happening. Despite of these shortcomings women in many countries are the first choice for heading the government. Most of women politicians are


 By K P PASWAN.   India is the largest democracy of the world. The country is following the parliamentary system of democracy. President is ceremonial head of state and also the Commander in Chief of Indian army.Prime Minister belongs to the political party which commands majority in the lower house known as LokSabha. From 2014 on-wards there is only one political party, the ruling party (BJP)  commands majority in the lower house but for certain bills which are to be also passed by the upper chamber known as Rajyasabha. The ruling party does not enjoy majority in the upper chamber and has to depend upon others like minded parties for support. After assassination of Indira Gandhi. India witnessed the emergence of coalition government. Political leaders of these small and regional parties were disgruntled politicians, they knew nothing about emerging economy. All the public sectors were falling sick and these coalition government made situation worse by funding these sick units, the res