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BY K P PASWAN. In the month of January 2020 India along with countries like Japan, Germany and Brazil and some other countries was on the threshold of challenging the Chinese economy, but the country had to face unprecedented crisis when by March 2020, the Covid-19 engulfed the entire country. Following the social restrictions as suggested by epidemiologists and experts, the Govt had to impose lock down which resulted in mass migration of unskilled labors working in different parts of the country and manufacturing activities were slowed down.  It was a race against time. India lost the battle to equalize its emerging economy with an economy of the rogue neighbor based on currency manipulation and undemocratic principles. The first wave of Covid-19 depressed the enthusiasm of every Indian. There were ups and down between March 2020 to March2021. It appeared that pandemic was  dying and the Secretary of Health declared that the Govt never promised free vaccines to every Indian. Vac


By K P PASWAN, It is certainly hypothetical question, if there is direct military confrontation between US and Russia. Both are nuclear  powered nations with capacity to destroy this planet many times. Both loved to hate each other and both are afraid of growing military and economic growth of China which is slowly expanding its undefined political and economic agenda all over the world. In the video conversation, president Joe Biden warned Putin not to invade Ukraine. Biden threatened tougher economic sanctions in case of Russian military adventure in Ukraine. This reflects, reactionary warning of a weak president as Russia will never invade Ukraine. In the context of Russian massive military build up to warn the Comedian who is now the elected president of UKRAINE to not join NATO. Now expansion of NATO aims at   fighting the growing threat of religious terrorism, unknowingly encouraged by former Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. If expansion of NATO means inclusion of U