Recently XiJinping the strong man of China claimed that China is the real democratic country of the world. US is fighting for democracy not only in China but also in Russia. This is surprising as US is also shielding cesspits autocracy in various Oil rich Sheikdoms of the middle East and have very good relations with dictator like Recep Erdogan of Turkey. US is open democracy with plenty of freedom in every sphere of life. Guns Culture is an essential ingredient of democracy in US. People’s will is of paramount importance in a democratic set up Than we have parliamentary system seen in Scandinavian countries and in UK and France. In most of the democratic countries of Europe democracy as been identified with people’s participation in the functioning of the government. There is no place for Guns Culture in such a democratic country. India is the largest democratic country in the world. India as a sovereign republic has a history of only 75 years but democracy is flourishing. In Islamic states except Turkey and to some extent Pakistan, democratic institutions with certain restriction are functioning without hindrance. Open democracy as practiced in US is not applicable to the whole world. As per late President Monroe of US, democracy is for the people of the people and by the people. In such a democracy sovereignty rests with the people. But we find different kinds of people. Most of the African and Islamic countries are facing tribal and sectarian conflicts so open democracy cannot flourish.

 Modern state is a welfare state and without freedom of speech welfare of common people cannot be conceived. So in what sense Chinese are telling that Chinese democracy is the only democratic country in the world? China suffered badly during the WW2. Foreign powers plundered the national wealth. Communism was introduced to stop the exploitation of suppressed and underprivileged.  China was following the policies of Russia which was the first Communist country in the world. But China realized that poverty cannot be removed without outside help and outside of China not the Communism but democratic ideas were working smoothly. So gradually China started mixing Communism with capitalism. On 21st Feb 1971 Chairman Mao welcomed US president Richard Nixon and his national security advisor Henry Kissinger and the world changed. Unlike US president China has only one party that is Communist party but without Communist ideology. Common people elects delegates who elects President. In absence of multiparty systems people have no choice but to endorse delegate as per his/her personality. US has only two parties and President is not elected directly on the basis of universal franchise but by delegates and in a way common people have choices in selecting delegates.

It is said that an open democracy is necessary for economic growth but Chin’s case is different. China is not an open democracy but has disturbed balance of power by becoming super economic power. Private property been allowed and restricted freedom pf speech has been granted to people. After hundred years Hongkong was returned by UK to China. At the time of hand over there was no laws and order in Hongkong street fighting and demonstration were common but now Hongkong is a modern province of one China so in a way XiJinping may be right in saying that China is the only democracy in the world. Democracy has its own limits. In Russia Gorbachev introduced democracy, Boris Yeltsin undermined it and a KGB hawk Putin has introduced a dose of democracy. There is a parliament member of which are directly elected by people but in absence of multiparty system Russian president cannot be compared with American president.  Russia has in its possession largest number of advanced Nukes which is giving disturbed sleep to the master of the White house. It is difficult to introduce either British or US forms of democracy in Russia. Russia is not a regional power but a super power and in a position to challenge US in every segment where artificial intelligence is needed.

So we find that there are different types of democracy but will of the people is the basis of the governance and for this common people must live without the fear of being killed by the followers of Guns Cultures. In autocratic countries like in the countries of the middle East it is impossible to introduce democracy as there is internal bickering and serious issues related with religion. Religious based terrorism is not allowed in the Middle East. But there is social tensions . The political head popularly known as EMIRS are not ignoring development works and large numbers of immigrants are enjoying excellent wages and basic amenities. It is doubtful if an open democracy can do better than autocracy? In the same way in Egypt Algeria and Morocco universal franchise has been introduced but Islamic brotherhood which advocates imposition of  religious based laws are not allowed to participate in elections. This has kept the militants away from national politics. Arab Spring started in Tunisia as a way to introduce some democratic principles but except removing dictators from Libya and a few other Islamic countries Arab Spring failed to make any impact upon the greatest autocrat, the royalty of Saudi Kingdom. So Arab Spring is dead

FINAL THOUGHT. With spread of education and advance in science people want their voice to be heard by the ruling class. Violent demonstrations are being noticed in different countries of the world but democracy cannot be introduced by force. Democracy whether restricted or open must cater to the welfare of people who elect the politicians. Days are not far off when even the paranoid dictator will not be able to succeed as a Dictator unless he is democratically elected by people . Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is a living example.


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